Why serums are great for long days in the sun!

Why serums are great for long days in the sun!

Like most people, we love summertime! Between the long days, time out in the garden, and hopefully a little vacation trip, we try our best to spend more of our time outdoors and on the go. It’s definitely a time of the year that is good for the soul, but it’s also a time to make sure that you are taking some extra care of your skin without compromising doing the things that you love to do.

What: UV exposure is the primary cause of the damage we can see in our skin as we get older. So obviously the most important thing you can do to stay protected is to use a high-quality, broad-spectrum sunscreen. However, it’s also a great time to start thinking about repairing some of the inevitable sun damage that we will experience during our lives. It’s a great time to consider adding a serum to your daily routine.

Mega Hydrate

Why: Formulated with whole plant extracts, geranium hydrosol, vitamin c, hyaluronic and packed with antioxidants, our serums are the most effective way to fight the free radicals that are created by UV exposure which cause damage to your skin. Serums are amazing at hydrating your skin and delivering vitamins and minerals to help cells repair themselves. 

How: Apply a serum in the morning before your moisturizer or sunscreen to boost your skin’s natural defenses and try adding an application of serum after your shower in the evening to give your skin the hydration and nutrients it needs to repair damage and fight the signs of aging as you sleep. We promise you’ll see the benefits of giving your skin a little extra love this summer!

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